A game about identity and self-discovery.

Click to start, arrow keys to play.



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i can't feel my head.

Owwwww I loved, but pretty hard to me ;-;

pretty cool little game. i've never seen this concept before 


Hello, azurenimbus. Your linked text on this store page is currently set to black - the same as the background. Unless this is intentional, I would recommend a shade of gray with more contrast. (I noticed when looking for the “More information” dropdown.)

I loved it, it draws different ways of confusing you every time.

Also is a very original puzzle, with good concept and well executed, the only problem I can see is that you can move too much away and be out of vision in a way that may be too hard to get back.

Still an awesome game 10/10

cool concept, but I just cannt ;-;

very very interesting

Really neat and novel idea well executed!

self-discovery cool game!


Cool concept